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Helping Employers Support Employee Fitness

Virgin Pulse, part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, is supportive of employee health and sought out a way to motivate their employees toward a more active lifestyle.

Virgin Pulse BTLE Device

The Challenge

Virgin Pulse needed a development partner for its GoZone 3 BTLE device.

The GoZone 3 BTLE device is a pedometer with wireless synching capability slated for an initial run of over 100,000 devices. How could we ensure users could use the BTLE device with their iPhone? We were ready to find out!

The Virgin Pulse app on Android and iPhone are alongside the BTLE pedometer.

The Build

We successfully built a device as proof of concept.

The design and development teams worked to build a wireless, (BTLE) Bluetooth low energy solution to sync the GoZone 3 device with the iPhone. We were on our way.

The Virgin Pulse app on Android and iPhone shows the option to sync with the BTLE pedometer.

The Outcome

Full-scale production of the device was now an ability.

Virgin Pulse was able to begin building their devices. We continued working with Virgin to take the BTLE solution produced for the iPhone and extended the solution to work on Android as well.

Technology + Services
  • Firmware expertise built with hardware partners
  • Experience acrossd iOS and Android BTLE
  • From proof of concept to product launched to the app store on iOS and Android
The Virgin Pulse app shows a user's progress metrics.
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