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Placester partnered with Raizlabs to create an app that connects real estate professionals to the information they need most on the go. Now agents and brokers can communicate and nurture leads from prospects to customers.

The Challenge

Real Estate professionals, such as Agents, Brokers, Publishers, or Associations, lead busy days full of constant communication with prospective buyers and sellers in a constantly shifting environment.

The market needed a way to merge several aspecst of the real estate communication process in one location, for maximum efficiency. Placester assists Real Estate Professionals with day-to-day business tasks and promotion. Placester partnered with Raizlabs to develop an application that would allow real estate professionals to manage their livelihood while on the go.

The Build

After the project kicked off, the teams collaborated to identify the most pressing needs for real estate professionals and devise solutions.

The technology needed to support a platform that allowed agents to connect and communication with buyers and sellers in an intuitive way. The team sought to collect data that would be most actionable and useful to professionals on a daily basis. Gathering feedback and industry knowledge from the Placester team, Raizlabs outlined the overall application flow and honed in on the core functionality. Design and development began with a Dashboard showcasing incoming leads, personalized tasks, and Placester News all at the fingertips of the real estate professionals. Raizlabs also added the ability to share property listings and contact leads . Other elements that make the app useful for its users, included 3D touch support, geofencing for open houses, and support for viewing and sharing property directions with leads. All key features were made possible utilizing the power of the Placester APIs.

Raizlabs leveraged third parties to provide powerful personalization capabilities and analytics. We utilized these tools to provide the team with extra insight and communication with their users. Localytics, a boston company with an SDK (software development kit) built by Raizlabs, integrates user insights and smart targeting to increase user engagement. We utilized, a mobile messaging personalization strategy was also designed and implemented to showcase ‘Placester News’ on the dashboard, to keep users up to date on real estate news and ways to enhance their Placester experience. For new users, an onboarding experience explains the features and functionality to ensure long term use. Once onboarded, the Notifications keep a real estate professional user engaged and allow them to rest assured that important details, such as lead activity or new listing alerts, would be brought to their attention in real time.

“We cracked the code on bringing a back office insight into the purses and pockets of real estate professionals with Raiz.”

Frederick Townes
COO & Co-Founder

The Outcome

In the past, real estate as an industry has struggled with mobile

Working together with the Placester team, Raizlabs built a great foundation for professionals in the real estate industry to manage their leads and convert them to loyal customers from the website wherever they are. Utilizing third party tools such as Localytics and, the Placester team was able to deliver the best possible experience to their users. Today, the app is rated with 4+ stars and continues to fuel Placester’s success as it continues to help the real estate industry work smart with over 400,000 real estate professionals, over $50 million in funding, and over 140 employees.

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