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Measuring Evaluations with Transparency

Inbound marketing leader HubSpot wanted to take its successful Marketing Grader tool—a quick website evaluator showing potential customers their strengths and shortcomings—and extend it to mobile.

The Challenge

The site worked well to generate leads, but there was something missing.

HubSpot approached Raizlabs to produce something that would work on the DreamForce conference floor and give users the ability to better interact with perspective customers at the event.

The Build

In addition to building an iPad app, Raizlabs provided HubSpot with something invaluable.

We gave HubSpot he ability to give demos across the conference floor, instead of just being tied to a booth. As a result, the team was able to develop more quality leads than ever before. Raizlabs worked with HubSpot to rethink the Marketing Grader tool and optimize it for the iPad. We were able to take the website experience and turn it into a beautifully designed mobile app.

HubSpot Marketing Grader app is displayed on an iPad.

The Outcome

The HubSpot team found Marketing Grader to be highly effective.

The app instantly gives hard data that shows companies how their web presence ranks among their peers. The iPad tool brings all of that to life in a visually approachable way. That freed up the conference team to explain the HubSpot product and vision.

The HubSpot Marketing Grader app is displayed on an iPad.
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