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Revamping a Rolodex

Flyp partnered with Raizlabs to build an app that gives users the unique ability to have multiple phone numbers on one phone.

The Challenge

We wanted people to have unique phone lines for each facet of their lives (work, play, dating.)

They aimed to give users the unique ability to have multiple phone numbers – each with talk and text coming into a single device. Flyp opted for an on-going Innovation team approach, which allowed us to get started on the project immediately and left flexibility for the future as we worked through technical challenges.

2 iPhone images depict the Flyp app.

The Build

We started with the native phone design.

Then we added the ability to manage communications from multiple lines on a single screen posed UX challenges. By the use of color families and icon systems, we created distinct identities for each phone line. Now the biggest challenge rested on the shoulders of engineering; how are we going to take this experience we dreamed up and make it real?

Raizlabs quickly evolved from vendor to partner. And you couldn’t get a better partner. Miracles were daily. Herculean efforts were constant. Teamwork personified.

Peter Rinfret
CEO & Founder, Flyp

The Outcome

Raizlabs engineers ingeniously devised a way to squeeze more out of the challenges imposed by the platform.

The result was a technical triumph that seamlessly executes multiple incoming and outbound calls from a single device; something that was previously deemed impossible. Partnering with Flyp gave us the opportunity to present an innovative solution around how people manage their complex lives.

2 iPhones show the Flyp app calling Lionel Richie.
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