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XLR8 Startup Incubator

Accelerate Your Company

Raizlabs’ XLR8 incubator provides office space and startup assistance to early stage companies in mobile app design, development, and strategy.

Your startup will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with seasoned mobile experts, utilizing our mentorship and incubation services.

Grow your startup with a combination of office space, business strategy, design, and development services.*

How it works

You’ll have the opportunity to sit alongside the Raizlabs team of developers, designers, product managers, marketers, and business strategists for four months in the heart of downtown Boston. Our mentorship and digital experience will provide the resources for you to create and ship great software.

Our Expertise

We design, build, and ship great consumer facing products for mobile, web, the Internet of Things. We have worked with industries as far-ranging as fitness tech, ecommerce, healthcare, social networking, finance, and more. Our team has a proven track record of shipping excellent applications on multiple platforms including iOS and Android, with a focus on mobile-first user experience.

Why Raizlabs?

Since the inception of the App Store, we have launched hundreds of mobile and web applications. Raizlabs’ portfolio contains a wide range of industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our relationships with technology leaders at Apple, Google, and other companies and organizations ensure that we are always aware of recent developments in our industry. Our commitment to design and user experience makes our apps stand out in the crowd. Lastly, we’ve built some of the most successful apps in the world.


Our core expertise is in building great products. Unlike other startup incubators, we will help you focus on your customer’s needs to find the most successful product definition for your startup. We will help you build something special, using the right tools to help you get there faster.

Acceptance Criteria

We seek companies that fit our culture and share our vision for impactful software. Ideal teams will be in their early stages, with a passionate team of 2-5 people, and a clear vision of their product. We will select teams in non-competing markets.


Q: Are companies required to give equity in order to participate in the XLR8 program? A: No

Q: What’s the incentive for Raizlabs? A: Working with smaller startups inspires us to innovate. This also provides value to larger companies while strengthening our connection to the startup community.

Q: Do you provide funding? A: In the past, we’ve assisted companies with their fundraising, but did not directly invest ourselves. Starting in 2017, we plan to help XLR8 startups by investing in them via a syndicate of value-added backers.


*We are NOT currently accepting applications for our next XLR8 class. Contact us to learn more and get notified when applications open.

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