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Usability Research & Testing

We partner with our clients to build products that address real user needs. This emphasis on human-centered design means that the products we build deliver compelling experiences.

At Raizlabs, we take our designs and prototypes and put them in the hands of real customers.

We observe their interactions and gather meaningful data to validate assumptions at all stages of a project.

Our Approach

In order to collect user feedback, Raizlabs makes use of a suite of tools and methodologies to understand where existing and future products can be better aligned with your overarching business goals and engagement objectives.

  • User Experience Evaluation: Raizlabs leverages a variety of usability and data analysis tools to review existing designs. These insights are used to understand how people are actually interacting with products and anticipate changes in customer behavior. These can be mapped back to our clients’ roadmaps to encourage future growth.
  • Paper Prototyping: For new products, iterations should be fast and informative. With paper prototypes we can test hypothesis quickly with no risk. This is an ideal way to develop new product concepts.
  • Functional Prototyping: Raizlabs uses functional prototypes to get direct and representative feedback with real designs and applications. We use a heuristic process to see a user on their device, be it a phone, computer, or IoT object, we can pivot early and often to maximize results. In many cases we use, who we helped to develop their iOS and Android capabilities.
  • Accessibility: For many organizations, the aesthetic appearance of website or mobile application is at the forefront of their efforts. While Raizlabs is known for making beautiful designs, we make sure to look for the important functions of accessibility when implementing fonts, colors, and imagery. We believe that all users should be supported with new product or feature creation.
  • Actionable Feedback: As we collect information, Raizlabs teams share our learnings with our clients to make sure everyone is fully informed and empowered to make data driven decisions.

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