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Google Design Sprints

We use our design sprints to work with companies to cultivate an environment of intensive creative thinking that produces a strategy to revitalize a stale product or launch a successful product.

A Google Design Sprint is a short period of time when we work cohesively with your team to thoroughly investigate the customer experience.

We work using Jack Knapp’s book Sprint and his 5 day sprint method to iterate on ideas and deliver a MVP (minimum viable product) to your team. Here’s what a week long design sprint looks like:

Monday: We’ll map out the problem you want your product to solve and decide on a place to focus.

Tuesday: We’ll sketch out competing solutions on paper (and whiteboards, can’t forget those).

Wednesday: We’ll make some decisions & they’ll be difficult, but by the end of the day we’ll have a testable hypothesis.

Thursday: We’ll create a realistic prototype of your product.

Friday: We’ll test the MVP with real, live humans.

After the Google Design Sprint week is over, you’ll have an MVP and our team will collaborate to build an ongoing strategy that will sustain your team through further research, design, and development of the conceptualized product(s).

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