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Designing for people with different abilities disabilities requires a commitment to users. We use our experience, combined with in-depth user research to build products informed with an empathic understanding of their needs.

Good accessibility enhances a product’s usability for everyone. We go beyond surface level visuals to optimize experiences for a variety of audiences.

We can help to perform accessibility audits of iOS, Android, and web apps, providing a detailed report on any issues along with suggested mitigations. Thanks to our ongoing work with organizations dedicated to helping the visually impaired, such as Perkins School for the Blind and Lighthouse for the Blind, Raizlabs has access to a large group of testers available to help validate your application’s user experience and compliance with accessibility imperatives and guidelines such as Section 508 and WCAG. In addition, Raizlabs has the technical chops to instruct on best practices in accessibility engineering. We’ve even built and released a few free tools to make supporting accessibility needs easier for clients in government, healthcare, education, and more.

With our work with Perkins School for the Blind, we created BlindWays, an app to help people with low or no vision catch their bus. The app is fully optimized to be accessible by users with visual impairments using Dynamic Type and VoiceOver screen reading. It also offers real time arrivals, physical landmarks around bus stops, and the ability for everyone to easily contribute clues, regardless of their vision.

Skillsoft approached the Raizlabs team to build an iPhone app to render Skillsoft’s massive library of training books, courses, videos, and audio accessible to students of all ages and abilities at over 10,000 different customer organizations. Patient Voice asked Raizlabs to develop an iPad app to assist hospital patients with limited speech and movement to communicate. Raizlabs also developed the patient tablet experience for the NxStage SystemOne, the world’s first and only at-home hemodialysis machine. It’s design, intended to support one-handed input and navigation, replaced an unwieldy and inaccessible 15-pound instruction binder.

Here at Raizlabs, we’re committed to listening to users and building intuitive apps for all needs. We look forward to the challenge this poses and what we’ll be able to help our partners achieve.

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