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Full product lifecycle services

For us, designing a great app is about more than just an idea; we want to understand your business and its needs. We believe a sound strategy that aligns with those needs is key to success. We partner with you to understand your business objectives and product needs to maximize our impact.

Product Services

We have helped build hundreds of products for leading companies across a number of industries. We start with a strategy discussion to better understand the direction for your business. This helps us think about your product needs. We use an agile approach to product discovery and application design.  This often sets us up for iPhone development, Android development or both.

Our approach is typically metrics driven. We want to ensure that the products we build are going to be friendly, usable and have an impact on the business. To achieve this we often integrate usability testing and metrics into our process.  Our team works iteratively to improve the product week over week.

Once a product is working well we work to ensure it’s properly launched. This can mean working with companies on app marketing or helping a company do an  enterprise deployment of their product.

A core element of what we do is help companies innovate. We have experience in IOT (Internet of Things) products, Augmented Reality, Kiosk development, Apple Watch, iPad developmentAmazon Alexa app development and much more.

We build for all platforms including web

We’ve believe that web is a first tier platform similar to iOS and Android. Our experience with Rails, React and HTML5 matches our experience with Swift and Java. Our approach to cross platforms means we can help companies choose the right mobile app technology. Raizlabs engineers are flexible, informed and prepared to work with new platforms and tools as required.


Cross-industry expertise

Raizlabs has developed five-star mobile applications across finance, education, medicine, travel, consumer technology and e-commerce. Our broad past experience means we can draw from our extensive library of tools, proficiencies, and techniques.

We specialize in producing maintainable, extendable code that can serve as a foundation for further development.