BlindWays AltConf Talk – ‘A User-Centered Approach to Solving Micronavigation for the Blind’

We are thrilled to celebrate the recent coverage that resulted from a talk about design and accessibility by Chris Hoogewerff, one of our Product Managers. For those who didn’t catch it live at AltConf 2016, the full presentation is now available for free, courtesy of Realm. AltConf is a community-driven event, assembled to serve developers and […]

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Have an iPhone? Improve a life with BlindWays

The Perkins School for the Blind, located along the Charles River in Watertown has an inspiring mission – to prepare children and young adults who are blind with the education, confidence and skills they need to realize their potential. Nothing excites the Raizlabs team more than being able to change the world with influential technology, […]

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Raizlabs Acquires Greenfield Web Team

Just as mobile and web apps have become more integrated, so have web and mobile firms. Raizlabs leads the charge in building end-to-end solutions, not just apps, across mobile and web with the acquisition of Greenfield, LLC. Raizlabs is excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Greenfield, a leading Boston-based web development agency. The […]

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Raizlabs selected as one of the first Google Certified Agencies

Today Google announced that Raizlabs has been accepted as a Google Certified Agency! Raizlabs is on a short list of only a handful to receive the global distinction. This certification is a clear recognition of expertise, not just in Android technology, but in design and mobile as a whole. The application requirements were exhaustive. They wanted […]

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Top Posts from Our Developer Blog

We’re always building new technology at Raizlabs. Across iOS, Android and Web we often have over a dozen projects going. Our diverse expertise allows us to stay fresh on the latest technologies.  Here are some of our recent favorites: Swift Mistakes I’ve Made – A beginners guide to swift. UIStackView Demystified – How to make use of […]

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XLR8 Incubator Kicks Off its Second Class

Today, Raizlabs kicked off its second XLR8 incubator class, bringing six new companies into the program to help them improve their products and the success of their businesses. Raizlabs, the hosts of the XLR8 program, will be working with these companies over the next four months to help them design and develop better products. The […]

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Supermassive final version

How to invest in team innovation

Many companies want to innovate, but rarely are they willing to commit the necessary time, money and resources to the effort. To make time for innovation there needs to be a structure and dedicated outlets for that creativity. Innovation is nothing new, Atlassian (Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence) hosts Fedex days, named so after the idea of […]

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We’re not just about apps, we’re launching a game

Raizlabs is ramping up to launch our in house mobile game, Supermassive, and we want you to try it out! We designed and built Supermassive at Raizlabs during our internal Hack Days. The game will soon be in the App Store as a free download. Supermassive takes inspiration from retro arcade shooter games like Asteroids. […]

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Raizlabs named Top App Developers in Boston & San Fransisco

We’re excited to announce that independent research firm has ranked Raizlabs as one of the top app developers in San Fransisco and also one of the top app developers in Boston. Clutch has independently verified and reviewed hundreds of firms. Their methodology is based on references, reviews and client experience. This includes quality of deliverables, cost, reputation, and ability to […]

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