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Mapping Solutions

Mapping Solutions

We’ve been experimenting with technical solutions since 2003, and began with using GPS in RunKeeper’s first app. We guide clients to success by designing and developing everything from custom mapping tiles to geofencing and tracking. Our mapping solutions help to create an interactive experience for each user.

One of the first ways we began innovating was with mapping solutions, which came to the forefront of the industry with Apple’s introduction of GPS.

We predicted the enormous impact of personalized mapping and routing and of course, wanted to get involved in a way that would allow users a new and exciting way to experience technology. Our first mobile GPS product was with RunKeeper and we’ve continued to deliver transformative geolocation solutions ever since.

Geolocation Capabilities

Regardless of what you’re using an application for, knowing where you are can come in handy. Whether you’re using an app for entertainment, wellness, finance, or another purpose, we have industry-leading experience building and enhancing mobile products with a diverse range mapping capabilities:

  • Locations: By displaying and grouping events, stores, attractions, and item locations, we can enable users to sort, filter, navigate, amd explore their surroundings.
  • Geofencing: We automatically provide users with location-relevant content and functionality. This way, there’s no need to check in and everyone knows where they are.
  • Custom Map Tiles: Rather than using satellite imagery, we are able to provide an informative wayfinding experience with custom artwork. Navigating with custom map tiles gives users a sense of discovery, making the experience enjoyable and inviting.
  • Custom Routing: Once you’re in an app, how do you know where to go? We make it easy by defining custom navigable paths and destinations. Whether you’re indoors, outdoors, underwater, or anywhere else–we’ll get you where you’re going.
  • Tracking: It’s always helpful to know where you are in relation to everyone else. With tracking, users are able to do everything from sharing a location or an ETA to tracking a workout.
  • Battery Life: Unlike some apps, we make sure to modulate GPS usage and activity so that battery life consumption remains balanced.

Our Proven Impact

We love being on the leading edge of technology and solving difficult problems for our clients. We’ve used mapping solutions in products for many clients, including Six Flags, Macy’s, MIT, RunKeeper, Placester, SolidWorks, and Bloomingdales.

Put Your Product on the Map

Does your next product involve mapping, routing, or geolocation? We’ve travelled all those paths before and are happy to show you the way. Let us know where you’re trying to go and we’ll help you get there.

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