Archive: May, 2016

Apple Watch Teardown

I’ve had the Apple Watch since it launched and it’s now a glorified accessory. The utility is marginalized and it’s 100% because of software design decisions. It does too much. You wouldn’t think this would be a problem but a common issue and one certainly repeated on the  Watch. Fitness tracking, for example, is fantastic […]

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No more hamburger menus, introducing the hot dog menu

I’ve been on a crusade to abolish hamburger menus, also known as basement menus. They were introduced or perhaps popularized by the early Facebook app. Like an epidemic is spread.  It’s currently used in many native apps, especially on Android and it’s also used as the default solution on many responsive web frameworks. Why is this […]

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The High Cost of App Development

Why is app development so expensive? I get this question a lot, and it often comes from a shell-shocked CEO or CIO who discovers his five-figure-budget project ends up being six or even seven figures. That’s crazy. Why is app development so expensive? The easiest explanation is that apps are cheap; it’s the engineering and […]

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