Archive: September, 2013

Life the Universe and Everything

I reject the big-bang theory. I’m not a theoretical physicist I just have a hard time imagining that the universe started with a single point in time. The child in me asks, “Well, what happened before the big bang?” As far as I can tell 13.7 Billion years ago the principals of conservation of mass […]

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BlackBerry Death Spiral

I was speaking on a  panel on the topic of mobile. The moderator asked the panel what we thought about the future of BlackBerry. This was early in 2011 and RIM was a few months from selling the PlayBook. The first four panelists represented telecoms and enterprise interests. I was the voice for the app […]

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Saving Microsoft

The problem with Microsoft isn’t their technology, their people or even their leadership.  While I don’t think Steve Ballmer was the ideal candidate to lead Microsoft, his leadership was not the root cause.  People want to believe in something important.  When it comes to a major brand like Microsoft, they want to know what that […]

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