Archive: December, 2006

Winter updates

I hear that hard drive spinning up The fans are spinning up too. Come on, it’s lovely weather To install an update or two. I hear your family asking And friends are asking you too. Come on, and fix my computer I have some spyware for you. Double-click, double-click, double click, let’s go The warm […]

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No more GetElementbyID

Here’s a simple script: <div id=”‘hello’”>Hello World. </div> <script type=”‘text/javascript’”> var test=document.getElementById(‘hello’); test.appendChild(document.createTextNode(‘Goodbye World’)); </script> This is your basic example of DOM manipulation. You create a variable and start manipulating the document based on that element. But here’s something I bet you didn’t know. That first line is not needed: <div id=”‘hello2′”>Hello World. </div> <script […]

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