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Introducing BonMot 4: Now With Dynamic Type

I wrote BonMot quite by accident. I just wanted to document some typographic tips and tricks that I had learned. NSAttributedString and TextKit are powerful, but they can be impenetrable, and I wanted to shed some light on the situation. However, as I collected my thoughts, I realized that a unified interface for accessing disparate typographic features […]

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Cleaner Credit Card Detection in Swift

When developing in Swift, I will often find myself wondering, “is there a better way to express this?” More often than not, there is a Swift language feature that allows for clearer expression. I encountered this recently when working on credit card type detection and validation. Rather than making your users enter their card number […]

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SIGTRAP: Decoding A Cryptic Objective-C + Swift Crash

In 2015, Raizlabs switched over to Swift for all iOS development. The move has been rewarding; Swift’s commitment to type safety and optional handling decreased our overall defect and crash rates (and increased developer happiness.) While this increased safety is awesome for Swift-only apps, it can introduce some hiccups in legacy Objective-C + Swift hybrid […]

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A table showing a summary of the interactions between reference types and modifiers and their effect on Swift method dispatch.

Method Dispatch in Swift

Method Dispatch is how a program selects which instructions to execute when invoking a method. It’s something that happens every time a method is called, and not something that you tend to think a lot about. Knowing how method dispatch works is vital when writing performant code, and can illuminate some of the confusing behavior […]

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Introducing RIGImageGallery

RIGImageGallery is a component from the Raizlabs Interface Guidelines, which is a set of UI components that offer sensible defaults to help a project get off the ground quickly and feel native to the platform, and with easy-to-use customization options. RIGImageGallery is designed to display a gallery of images with the expected behaviors established by […]

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A desk with a computer, pen, and other tools.

Tools We Love – iOS and Android

This time of year is often associated with greeting cards and chocolate, but the team at Raizlabs is showing the love by opting out of flowers and into sharing our favorite tools. We love developing impactful products that change lives. Our favorite tools help us spend more time writing code, and less time in the […]

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Spicing up xcode

Spicing Up Xcode

At the third Raizlabs Lightning Talks, I ate a Scotch bonnet pepper and presented 13 tips and tricks about Xcode. If you missed the talk, or wanted to know about one of the slides in more detail, here’s a video and a written version of everything I mentioned, plus a few extras. Spicing Up Xcode was inspired by […]

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