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How to Script macOS Keyboard Shortcuts

When I set up a new computer, the first thing I do (after installing Dropbox and 1Password, of course) is to run a script that installs my favorite command line tools and configures my shell the way I like it. I also go into System Preferences and twiddle various settings. I’ve done it enough times that […]

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WWDC 2016 Rumor Roundup

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference is just around the corner. It kicks off Monday, June 13th at 10AM with a keynote. The tech industry is buzzing with rumors about potential upgrades to the hardware and software that Apple so fastidiously builds. This means that, here at Raizlabs, we’re getting excited for the announcements to come. […]

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Introducing BonMot 4: Now With Dynamic Type

I wrote BonMot quite by accident. I just wanted to document some typographic tips and tricks that I had learned. NSAttributedString and TextKit are powerful, but they can be impenetrable, and I wanted to shed some light on the situation. However, as I collected my thoughts, I realized that a unified interface for accessing disparate typographic features […]

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SIGTRAP: Decoding A Cryptic Objective-C + Swift Crash

In 2015, Raizlabs switched over to Swift for all iOS development. The move has been rewarding; Swift’s commitment to type safety and optional handling decreased our overall defect and crash rates (and increased developer happiness.) While this increased safety is awesome for Swift-only apps, it can introduce some hiccups in legacy Objective-C + Swift hybrid […]

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Localized Pluralization with Stringsdict

It’s harder to create user-facing strings that contain numbers than it should be. This post should make it easier, with tips on localization and pluralization. This post is not about all the good reasons to do localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n). For that, I recommend the following excellent posts: Mattt Thompson on NSHipster Josh Johnson on Objective […]

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Linear Interpolation and Fading Hairlines

Linear interpolation is a simple method of finding intermediate values between two endpoints. It has numerous applications in computer graphics, where it is known as lerp, but we are going to use a tidy Swift implementation to add some subtle polish to an iOS app. You can download the source code for the example app […]

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Automating Input Events on Android

On a recent client project I became frustrated with manually navigating to a certain part of the app every time in order to test it. This happened to be an ecommerce app which had many screens and quite a long user flow end to end. One of the components of the app I worked on […]

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