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RZAssert – iOS Assert Logging

Wrong assumptions are the bane of every programmer’s existence. Oh, you thought that number was always going to be non-zero? Guess again. What’s that? You never expected that conditional to fail? It just did. You expected that Core Data query to always return exactly one item? Why would you assume that? A great way to […]

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Introducing RIGImageGallery

RIGImageGallery is a component from the Raizlabs Interface Guidelines, which is a set of UI components that offer sensible defaults to help a project get off the ground quickly and feel native to the platform, and with easy-to-use customization options. RIGImageGallery is designed to display a gallery of images with the expected behaviors established by […]

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Fixing Controls in Scroll Views on iOS

Buttons in scroll views have a subtly broken behavior. In this post, we show you a simple workaround to keep your UI feeling smooth and consistent with the design language of iOS. You can download the sample project for this article if you’d like to try it for yourself. Buttons on iOS change color when […]

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Animating Items in a UICollectionView

UICollectionView has been called “the new UITableView“, which is not much of an exaggeration. The incredible flexibility of collection views for displaying and facilitating interaction with a collection of data items makes it one of the most valuable tools in the UIKit toolbox for iOS 6 and above.

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UIStackView Demystified

UIStackView was released to the public with iOS 9. It is a container view that internally handles layout of its subviews. The layout can be configured by changing its properties axis, distribution, alignment, and spacing. It lets you remove tedious NSLayoutConstraint setup code. Below is a very simple implementation of a UIStackView that contains 4 […]

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Tools We Love – iOS and Android

This time of year is often associated with greeting cards and chocolate, but the team at Raizlabs is showing the love by opting out of flowers and into sharing our favorite tools. We love developing impactful products that change lives. Our favorite tools help us spend more time writing code, and less time in the […]

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Core Data Type Safety with Swift

Core Data has had a long history, and it has emerged as the de facto persistence solution on iOS. An inescapable part of its past is its extremely dynamic nature, and developers’ efforts to get more help from the compiler in the form of code generation. Handcrafted Managed Objects Originally, Apple provided very little support […]

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Localized Pluralization with Stringsdict

It’s harder to create user-facing strings that contain numbers than it should be. This post should make it easier, with tips on localization and pluralization. This post is not about all the good reasons to do localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n). For that, I recommend the following excellent posts: Mattt Thompson on NSHipster Josh Johnson on Objective […]

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