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We Love the Product, not the Symbol

The dust has settled from the new logo and app redesign that Instagram launched in May. The overwhelming online consensus regarding the icon change was cynical and negative. Designers even whipped up logo renditions of their own. Here are two of my favorite overreactions: Tim Nudd of Adweek called the new look “A Travesty” Hannah […]

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Introducing BonMot 4: Now With Dynamic Type

I wrote BonMot quite by accident. I just wanted to document some typographic tips and tricks that I had learned. NSAttributedString and TextKit are powerful, but they can be impenetrable, and I wanted to shed some light on the situation. However, as I collected my thoughts, I realized that a unified interface for accessing disparate typographic features […]

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Fixing Controls in Scroll Views on iOS

Buttons in scroll views have a subtly broken behavior. In this post, we show you a simple workaround to keep your UI feeling smooth and consistent with the design language of iOS. You can download the sample project for this article if you’d like to try it for yourself. Buttons on iOS change color when […]

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Cartoon of a girl passing a note to a boy. They are sitting at school desks.

Whole Lottie Love

Airbnb’s Lottie Gives Animation a Home on Mobile Animation offers greater instructive potential than illustration and is certainly more engaging than text. Animation also provides a delightful sense of polish and attention to detail in any app. We designers customarily add animation to projects as PNG sequences. The explosion of device dimensions and resolutions, combined […]

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