Archive: January, 2017

Fixing Controls in Scroll Views on iOS

Buttons in scroll views have a subtly broken behavior. In this post, we show you a simple workaround to keep your UI feeling smooth and consistent with the design language of iOS. You can download the sample project for this article if you’d like to try it for yourself. Buttons on iOS change color when […]

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Coding Productivity in a World of Distractions

Software development takes focus. Distractions can derail productivity. Interruptions come from every direction and are hard to avoid. In my time at Raizlabs, I’ve come up with a few techniques that help me hit my commitments and still fulfill my responsibilities of being a good teammate. Getting In/Out of the Zone Being “in the zone” is a […]

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Tutorial: Build an AI Assistant with and Amazon Lambda

Tech giants are betting big on conversational interfaces; Facebook acquired, Google acquired, and Amazon announced Lex. These services all make it easy to parse user intention from natural language. In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to connect a conversational interface with a third-party API. These steps will enable you to build rich experiences for the Google […]

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