Investing in Interns

In summers past, I often found myself increasingly excited as the beginning of a new year of school approached, bringing with it new opportunities, new classes, and new experiences. For the first time in my life, I’m reluctant to admit to myself that the summer—and by extension, my time as an iOS Engineering Intern at […]

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image of colorful code on mac laptop screen

React Native Animations: Part 2

When we build apps for our clients, beautiful designs and interactions are important. But equally important is performance. Without a fast frame rate our fancy animations will stutter to a halt. Without responsive taps and swipes our users will grow impatient and leave. Fortunately the creators of React Native care about performance too. They’ve given […]

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computer screen with coffee mug

React Native Animations: Part 1

At Raizlabs we need our apps to look great and be easy to use. One of the ways we add surprise and delight to an app is by using animation. Lately, we’ve been building cross-platform React Native apps: this gives us new challenges and opportunities. While you can do some pretty complex stuff with React […]

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A desk with a computer, pen, and other tools.

Tools We Love – iOS and Android

Last year, the Raizlabs team showed our love by sharing our favorite tools. We love developing impactful products that change lives. Our favorite tools help us spend more time writing code, and less time in the spaces in between. Check out some of our favorites for iOS and Android: iOS Distribution Profiles, certificates, signing, and […]

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Automating Input Events on Android

On a recent client project I became frustrated with manually navigating to a certain part of the app every time in order to test it. This happened to be an ecommerce app which had many screens and quite a long user flow end to end. One of the components of the app I worked on […]

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Cartoon of a girl passing a note to a boy. They are sitting at school desks.

Whole Lottie Love

Airbnb’s Lottie Gives Animation a Home on Mobile Animation offers greater instructive potential than illustration and is certainly more engaging than text. Animation also provides a delightful sense of polish and attention to detail in any app. We designers customarily add animation to projects as PNG sequences. The explosion of device dimensions and resolutions, combined […]

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Talkback hand logo next to Android phone open to Talkback Settings open

How to Earn an “A” for Android Accessibility

Having spent the last ten years or so as an avid Apple accessibility user (I’m legally blind) and iOS developer, I’m pretty happy with the current state of assistive technology when it relates to my platform of choice. Every year, more progress is made across Apple’s various universal access tools and in addition, they do […]

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Cryptography in Colors

A math-light explanation of one of the core technologies of the internet: public key cryptography. We’ll use visual aides and metaphors from Brit Cruise’s Art of the Problem video series on YouTube to explore this topic in-depth. As software developers we rely on some truly amazing computer science concepts to do our day-to-day work, and oftentimes we […]

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john-robert-marasigan-238147 image of 2 silhouettes walking on a blue ceiling

Overlapping Fragments with VideoViews

Recently, in a client project, I ran into an issue with VideoViews overlapping each other, even though they were part of different Fragments. As is the case with most Views, when adding a Fragment on top of another, the top Fragment will have its Views drawn on top of the bottom Fragment. This however, is […]

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