An Idea Turned Into Reality

During their time together at MIT’s Media Lab, Glassy Media’s Jennifer Hollett and Dan Siegel had taken note of the rise in people using a “second screen”—tablets, laptops, or smartphones—while they watch television. In February of 2012, the pair began work on a way to harness the trend for the upcoming election season, and they approached Raizlabs to aid them in developing an app.

Tallying Votes

On the day it launched, the Super PAC app reached #1 in the App Store’s News category, and it eventually broke the top 100 overall for free apps. It also received praise from press outlets such as ABC News, CNN, Mashable, Mother Jones and Forbes. Additionally, Super PAC partnered with Newsweek and The Daily Beast to bring the app’s ad tracking data to visitors’ desktops.

Bringing Transparency to the Election

We worked with Hollett and Siegel to nail down the requirements for the app in order to deliver the most effective tool to discover the origins of political ads. With the Super PAC App, Raizlabs achieved a groundbreaking use of existing audio fingerprinting technology.

We Approve This Message

The app empowers users to access the truth behind a political advertisement by holding their mobile device up to the television or radio. With the audio fingerprint, the app identifies the Super PAC group that financed it and lets users explore the claims mentioned in the ad. Users can educate their friends on facts versus fictions by sharing their findings and the ads themselves through email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook.


Big Data for a Big Impact

Utilizing audio fingerprinting technology, the application logged:

    • 119,815 user sessions.
    • 50,014 claims explored from over 1,000 ads.
    • 38,351 ad ratings.
    • Representation from 122 countries.

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