Building Something for Expert Builders

Dassault Systèmes annual SolidWorks World conference is a bonanza for engineers and 3D software professionals who gather to hear the latest advances in design productivity. The four-day schedule brims with expert speakers, vendor demos and workshops. In 2012 and 2013, Dassault Systemes tapped Raizlabs for mobile apps to make sense of it all.


How it Happened

Raizlabs built comprehensive SolidWorks World apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, taking into account all of the needs of attendees from the moment they check in. With the app, attendees could assemble custom agendas, navigate the conference floor with indoor maps, peruse presentation listings and connect with fellow conference-goers.


Taking Note

“This app is simply brilliant in design and execution…SolidWorks raises the bar for what conference attendees should expect from their hosts,” – Randall Newton, Graphic Speak.

“I looooved that app. I am still showing last years off at user group meetings,” – Robert Teele, Mechanical Designer.

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