Park animation shown as an animated gif

The Challenge


The first thing you need to know about Six Flags is that they offer thrills to guests of all ages. When Six Flags approached us with the challenge of building an app to satisfy thrill seekers, we knew we were in for a different kind of challenge.

There were a number of situations the app needed to address. People visiting the park needed to know park hours and dining options. They also needed to have quick access to their season pass and ride information. Guests wanted easy access to this information so they would have more time to enjoy the park and rides.

The request for a mobile app was both from park guests as well as from Six Flags who were looking to modernize ticketing and keep the experience relevant to millennial visitors.

The team was tasked to design and build a fun mobile experience that would allow pass holders to access information they needed quickly and get back to enjoying the park. The main functional areas of the app were segmented out and wrapped in a fun and clean animation.

The Build


While the design team was working on the visual challenges the technical team was working to create API’s to access park hours, ride information, events and other key data. A database was created to work with the existing content system to ensure clean data and a performant mobile application.

The design and development spanned across iOS and Android systems resulting in two modern applications with a consistent design.

The results

The app was launched in 2015 and the results were unanimous. Park enthusiasts and park administration are thrilled with the app.


Two iPhones showing the rides and dining screens of the Six Flags app


Six Flags’ user growth and demand uncovered a lot of potential for new features and innovations, among some of the technology used:

  • GPS Filtering and Park Selection
  • Membership Card Scanning and Import
  • Weather Integration
  • Dynamic Park Animations
  • Park Hour and Event Planning.

And a number of other innovative features. The application is available from the Apple and Android marketplace.

 “We are thrilled to have worked with Raizlabs on the brand new Six Flags iPhone and Android apps. It is no surprise that our apps launched to great accolades and a very solid ranking in the app store (a consistent 4.5 stars since launch). Throughout the engagement we were consistently wow’ed with great designs, novel ideas, and solid development. We are already looking forward to what’s next.” – Sean Andersen – Director of Interactive and Mobile Services 

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