Getting Mobile Strategy Off the Ground

SITA is a global information technology company that supports the day-to-day workings of nearly every airline in the world. The company came to Raizlabs for help in exploring how mobile technology could impact the aviation industry.

Together, we realized that we could build an extraordinary app for them that they could franchise to smaller airlines.



Thinking Globally…and making a Change

Raizlabs thoroughly researched both the air transportation industry and the technology that SITA uses already. We then went back to the drawing board, reinventing the air travel use case for mobile. That allowed us to truly innovate features and create a user experience based on how people travel today.

We created a beautifully executed app that integrates the broad reach of SITA’s technologies and accommodates the wide variety of user scenarios that comes with global travel. This is a tool that can be used by every airline around the world.


It is Now Safe to Use Your Electronic Devices

The full-service SITA app addresses all stages of air travel, from remembering passenger names to seat selection, check-in time to baggage check. It takes full advantage of mobile hardware to improve the experience of booking a flight: GPS helps show nearby airports; the camera captures credit card information; travelers can even call the airline to pay for a held reservation. It goes far beyond simply checking flight status and the local weather (but it does that, too).

Technology and Service

Among the designed features that Raizlabs innovated with the SITA mobile platform:

  • Extensive traveler profiles that incorporate baggage and meal preferences.
  • Integration with existing baggage tracking system.
  • Multiple payment methods on file (important for frequent flier credit cards).
  • Scalable “card” view for trip tracking.
  • integration for credit card scanning.
  • Seat selection and upgrades.

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