Schneider Electric White Papers

A vast research library in the palm of your hand

Schneider Electric is a Fortune Global 500 electric engineering company specializing in electrical energy transmission and automation. We worked with them to develop a way to distribute their white papers across all iOS and Android devices.

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The Schneider Electric White Papers app won a 2012 MarCom Gold award in the Website Element/Mobile App category, and received mentions from both Bloomberg and Mobile World. By releasing the application across platforms, Schneider Electric gained an edge in mobile technology, assuring their users have the most up-to-date research at their fingertips, instantly.

How it Happened

We built a PDF reading application that gives users access to 150+ white papers—that’s more than $90 million worth of research articles and papers. We kept the interface simple, allowing users to filter by category or search by keyword for easy, fast searching.



The application is lightning-fast, loading large white papers in a blink. It also has the kind of features that users come to expect from a reader app, like sharing or favoriting of articles, all available at the tap of a button.

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