Activity Started

RunKeeper first came to us to talk about building a website, but we thought it could be more than that. The original iPhone had made its splash already, and Apple had announced that an App Store was on its way. We suggested that a possible launch strategy should include a mobile app.


RunKeeper launched with the first 1,000 or so apps in the newly released App Store, and to date more than 38 million people train with it. It was featured by Time Magazine as one of the top apps of 2009, and today it continues to be at the top of its category in Lifestyle and Fitness.

App Developer

Raizlabs did the initial branding, design and development for RunKeeper and handled the process of launching the product in the App Store. We also made a calculated risk based on what we knew about the upcoming iPhone 3G launch and the likelihood that it would include GPS, rather than the WiFi triangulation of the original iPhone.


Where Rubber Soles Meet the Road

When the app launched, it was an instant hit with runners who were looking for a replacement for their activity-specific devices, and for casual runners and bikers hungry for data about their workouts. With the iPhone app’s success, we began work on the Android version, solving many of the same problems and a number of new ones posed by a brand new platform.

The user growth and demand uncovered a lot of potential for new features and technologies.

Technology and Services

RunKeeper’s user growth and demand uncovered a lot of potential for new features and innovations, among them:

  • GPS Filtering.
  • Audio Cues.
  • Photo Capture.
  • In App Mapping (before Apple supported it).
  • Experimentation with mobile ads and ad mediation.
  • Background GPS (before Apple supported it).

And a number of other innovations.


  • Recognized as Time Magazine’s top 10 apps of 2009.
  • Wired’s favorite 20 apps.
  • Recognition from PCWord, ESPN, Mashable, TNW, New York Times and many national publications.

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