Ovuline’s Growing Family

Ovuline uses data, technology and the expertise of Harvard scientists to help couples conceive faster and have healthy pregnancies. After the success of their Fertility iPhone app, Ovuline wanted to extend their tracking service into pregnancy. The company contacted Raizlabs for its second offering: The Ovia Pregnancy app.

Getting Results

The new app continues Ovuline’s mission to collect personal health data and offer each expectant mother greater insight into her particular pregnancy. In addition to showing mothers how they are progressing against their goals, the data that the app collects could also help pinpoint potential health issues that may arise in a child’s life.

How it Happened

Raizlabs built a native iPhone personal health tracking app that makes it easy for users to log and track their symptoms and experiences during pregnancy. We designed charts and graphs that enable mothers to visualize their progress.


Congratulations: it’s an App!

Ovia provides real time, pertinent pregnancy health feedback based on the user’s logging of daily factors such as sleep, weight, nutrition, activity, symptoms and moods. Expectant mothers can read curated content based on their condition and receive alerts in the event of health risks.