Caring about results connects families seeking various types of caregivers to a network of individuals looking for meaningful work. The company approached Raizlabs for help in revamping its iPhone app.

The new app by Raizlabs earned a 4.5 star rating—a remarkable improvement over the 1.5 rating for the previous version. The new app also brought more transactions between parties onto the platform, increasing their revenue.


How it Happened

Raizlabs identified the existing app’s mix of mobile web and native iOS code as a potential problem, so we started over from scratch and built an entirely native iPhone application, making sure to carry forward the existing features with which current users were familiar.

Making Meaningful Connections

By focusing on the specific mobile experience of a family seeking a caregiver, Raizlabs was able to find new ways to make the app easy to use and continually engage users over time. As a result, more families and caregivers connect on and remain there rather than dropping off the platform.

Technology and Service

  • Mobile strategy and ideation.
  • Ground-up native iOS development.
  • API guidance.
  • New communication system to keep exchanges on the mobile platform.
  • Seamless user experience.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use application.
  • Fresh and timeless design.

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