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Giving customers a whole new reason to smile

Founded in 1973, New York-based B&H Photo is the largest, non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States. Its 9th Ave SuperStore is surpassed only by its prodigious online retail presence, so B&H wanted a great mobile shopping experience that allowed customers to quickly navigate the company’s massive product catalogue.

With B&H Photo available on iPad, iPhone, and Android, Raizlabs created a shopping tool that took advantage of each mobile platform. From dynamic animations on iOS to flexible payment options like Google Wallet on Android, the B&H Photo app brings new resources for working professionals in the field, or for those who prefer mobility.

Browse the entire catalog from one screen

Raizlabs turned B&H’s tremendous catalog into an easily navigable tool. Photo and video professionals around the world can now turn to this app to find what they need, read reviews, compare technical specs and make a mobile e-commerce purchase.

B&H Photo iOS Mobile E-commerce App on Raizlabs Portfolio

B&H Photo iOS Mobile E-commerce App on Raizlabs Portfolio

Details that will make your application shine.

We took great care to preserve the excitement of shopping in the famous landmark store, including designing a UI element and animation that evokes the SuperStore’s memorable, one of a kind, conveyor belt delivery system.

Swipe to Checkout

The app offers a number of convenient payment options, including B&H Secure Checkout, PayPal Checkout, and Google Wallet Checkout. We were able to incorporate all of these payment options with a never before done checkout flow – swipe-to-checkout! Simply swiping up advances you through the checkout experience. Allowing you to add shipping methods, payment methods, or even pick up in store all in a very fluid and linear checkout experience.

B&H Photo iOS Mobile E-commerce App on Raizlabs Portfolio


With B&H Photo for iPad, iPhone, and Android, Raizlabs hit several milestones:

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