B&H Photo Android Lollipop Material Design app by Raizlabs


After Google’s announcement of Material Design, Raizlabs worked with B&H Photo to completely revamp their Android app, anticipating that the redesign would give B&H a competitive advantage on the Play Store.
With the goal of releasing the most beautiful e-commerce experience on Android, Raizlabs was excited to get to work crafting a gorgeous new B&H update for Android’s Latest OS Version Lollipop.


New Material Design-inspired icons, illustrations, and transitions were created to provide for a truly unique look, feel, and shopping experience. With such a large e-commerce app, the Raizlabs design team took great care in making sure the app’s refreshed interface stayed organized and the user experience remained intuitive.
Raizlabs’ Innovation Team was on a tight timeline to redesign B&H’s Android app to coincide with the release of Lollipop in less than two months. We were able to promptly design and ship the app, impressing users with the new look at Lollipop’s launch.

B&H Photo Android Lollipop Material Design app by Raizlabs

B&H Photo Android Lollipop Material Design app by Raizlabs

The results

The redesigned B&H Photo Android app for Lollipop received massive praise from all directions. User reviews were overwhelmingly positive, press mentions raved about the app’s implementation of Material guidelines, and Google itself said it was the best non-Google Material Design app they had seen to date.
All of these positive vibes translated into real results for B&H who reported significant increase in engagement metrics across the board.

Best example of material design I have seen so far. I think Google can even learn from this. Great company with great service.

– Google Play Store Review

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