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Super Results for a Super App

During the presidential race we were able to work on an exciting project to help bring transparency to the onslaught of presidential ads. The SuperPacApp allowed users to audio sample political ads and learn the truth. Here’s a round up of just some of the press the app received: ABC News:  The Shazam of Political Ads CNN: […]

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Apple Eases Controls on iPhone App Development

Wade Roush, lead author for Xconomy sits down with Raizlabs founder Gregory Raiz to discuss recent changes in the Apple review process and what this means for application developers and authors. Developer blogs and the Twittersphere started to buzz last week with some remarkable news: some new iPhone apps were getting approved much faster, sometimes […]

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Raizlabs Acquires Greenfield Web Team

Just as mobile and web apps have become more integrated, so have web and mobile firms. Raizlabs leads the charge in building end-to-end solutions, not just apps, across mobile and web with the acquisition of Greenfield, LLC. Raizlabs is excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Greenfield, a leading Boston-based web development agency. The […]

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