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Wireframe toolkit for Keynote and Powerpoint

Our wireframe tool for creating PowerPoint and Keynote user interfaces is a simple and complete collection of iPhone assets and design patterns. The collection has been amassed through the development of close to 50 apps and assembled for easy use in the most commonly used design and layout patterns.   Designed for use in both […]

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7 Essentials to Designing an Ergonomic App

While user interface designers cannot affect the shape, dimensions, or textures of the device we are working with, we can affect how people use them. The use of ergonomics is a latent factor in application design. If you don’t notice it, it means that the app is doing it right. If you do notice it, […]

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iPhone Wireframing Template

iOS 7 and Android Wireframing Toolkit

Michelle Chen, one of our design wizards, decided it was time to give back to the design community that has been helping her since the beginning. She crafted an iOS 7 and Android wireframing toolkit available to anyone. Creating wireframe sketches can be useful for laying out content and estimating how elements will fit within a screen. It gives designers an opportunity […]

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Looks great but it sure is loud

Google Unleashes Material Design. Four Reasons to Get Excited.

Not that you’ve been living under a rock or anything, but last week Google introduced Material Design. Its goal is to, “Create a visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.” Yeah, I just typed that sentence. Let me boil that marketing-speak down for you. Google […]

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BlindWays AltConf Talk – ‘A User-Centered Approach to Solving Micronavigation for the Blind’

We are thrilled to celebrate the recent coverage that resulted from a talk about design and accessibility by Chris Hoogewerff, one of our Product Managers. For those who didn’t catch it live at AltConf 2016, the full presentation is now available for free, courtesy of Realm. AltConf is a community-driven event, assembled to serve developers and […]

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