Raizlabs is now Rightpoint

Raizlabs, Rightpoint

Happy New Year,
I’m thrilled to share that we have completed the integration of Raizlabs into Rightpoint and are entering 2019 as one unified team. This combination has created the only service provider to combine top creative and technical talent with the strengths of a digital consultancy, systems integrator, and digital product company.

Ultimately, we’ve combined the strength of customer experience talent with our deep roots in mobile innovation and emerging technology to create an amazing agency and end-to-end solution. We’re looking forward to 2019, where we will continue to create amazing and impactful digital experiences and products that help our clients succeed at the speed of innovation.

You can read more about how we are building the agency of the future at Rightpoint and follow us on our updated social media links.

All my best in 2019,
Greg Raiz
Chief Innovation Officer

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