CX Overhaul: How to Make it to the Next Frontier

CX overhaul

You hear over and over again that this is the Experience Economy – customers are now demanding seamless experiences with your digital properties. They expect your site and apps to immediately know who they are and what they are looking for. The customer experience needs to be intuitive and powerful, but it can’t involve more than two clicks or show even the slightest delay when loading a page, regardless of how much processing power is behind that page load.

It can feel overwhelming to be standing at the precipice, about to dive headfirst into transforming your customer experience. A CX overhaul is a worthwhile project to tackle, but daunting nevertheless. To help make it a little less daunting, I’ve compiled my favorite four pieces of advice to help keep you sane when overhauling your customer experience:

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Written by Camille Sharrow-Blaum, Account Supervisor at Rightpoint. You can connect with her on LinkedIn

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