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digital empathy

Improving Customer Loyalty in Healthcare with Digital Empathy

Disruption is taking place in every industry. Manufacturing, business, financial services, and — yup — healthcare all stand poised for innovative disruption inside the next 24 to 36 months. With all this change, loyalty is the new opportunity for healthcare providers, and the only way to improve healthcare customer loyalty is with digital empathy. We invite you to […]

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What’s Going to Save You From the Robots?

Written by Pernilla Peterson, Associate Creative Director at Rightpoint. You can follow Pernilla on Twitter. What will save you from the robots? Turns out it’s that art degree, creativity, and emotional intelligence. While no doubt STEM is a worthy endeavor and you won’t hear me discourage my kids from taking coding classes in school, technology without […]

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WWDC 2018 takeaways

WWDC 2018: Takeaways & New Mobile Technology

Apple recently held its WWDC 2018 event and unveiled new technology across the mobile spectrum. Our team has been diving into the tech to explain how it’ll change the future of applications. Here we’ve outlined a few of the technologies we’re most excited about and how these changes in new mobile technology will begin to […]

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Crazy 8 Brainstorm Session

How to Run a Crazy 8 Brainstorming Session

My favorite creative projects always include Crazy 8 brainstorming and they usually start something like this: A client comes in with an open-ended prompt; they need to build a use case for a new technology or maybe they’re facing a problem within their product and are unsure how to fix it. Either way, the client […]

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