CES 2018: Top 5 Things We’re Expecting to See

photo of light up Las Vegas billboard, from Unsplash by james-walsh-183837

With CES 2018 fast approaching, our team is excited to be attending. Not only do we want to share some of the great work we’ve been doing with our clients, but we’re anxious to see what emerging tech will be influencing our industry this year. Here is what we expect will be big at CES 2018:

Can you Talk the Talk? Voice is back and LOUDER than ever.

Voice was big last year but after 2017 wrapped, we expect voice to be bigger, better, and louder than ever. Not only do we expect to see Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana at CES, but we also expect to see a lot more 3rd party tech and smart speakers as well. While Google and Amazon may have paved the way for voice, a lot of other companies are finding fun, new ways to jump on the bandwagon.

Do your walls have eyes? Smart Homes are all the rage.

We recently revisited how technology is revolutionizing the home. Smart Home technology will be big in 2018 and reach beyond your smart speaker and Homekit compatible technologies. August, Ring, Kwikset, and Canary will be present, and so will other companies, featuring everything from smart thermostats to smart refrigerators. With technology like this, CES may begin to look like a scene from The Jetsons.

How connected are you?

While IoT is expected to be big at CES this year, it’s expected to be a wait-and-see game when it comes to wearables for digital health. Fitbit will be presenting and we expect Motorola and LG will also make an appearance, but no big health wearables company is expected to launch at CES. Interesting things to keep an eye out for are products like wearable clothing and things that will impact the medical industry, like blood pressure monitors, gluten sensors, fertility products, smart dog collars, and more.

Computers in our pockets. The newest with mobile phones.

The big topic to be explored this year when it comes to mobile is 5G and there is even a keynote session with Verizon, Baidu, Qualcomm, and SDxCentral. Expect to see players like Mate 10, MediaPad M5, and Sony. We’ll be interested to see how 5G will play into new capabilities on mobile phones supporting AR and there emerging tech.

Realities. The switch from VR to AR.

While VR was a big topic at last year’s conference, we expect that with last year’s release of iOS, AR will move to center stage. We expect Sony, Zeiss, and Kodak to impress us with their products, but we’re especially excited to see what 3rd party companies bring to the table this year.

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