CES 2018: Takeaways and the Road Ahead for Emerging Tech

road in desert, from unsplash.com: leximphoto-453668

Our team went to CES 2018 in Las Vegas last week and was blown away. We always expect to be excited and impressed with the products we see but this year was especially exceptional with its delivery of innovation. Here are some categories and products that confirmed our investment in design and technology and its impact in the world:

Voice Wars

We expected voice to be big, but the reality surpassed our prediction. With the new iterations of Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, we witnessed Google, Amazon, and Microsoft all competing for the top smart speaker company. And they aren’t the only ones vying for a spot at the podium; we saw many other companies like Baidu, Braven, Villa, and more. From the smarthome to the smart car, the inclusion of voice in day-to-day activities is a challenge several companies are taking on.

Health devices and sensors

While the predictions for CES called on health wearables not being the hottest topic this year, we were pleasantly surprised when it came to health and medical devices, especially when it came to sensors. Companies like Nokia, Patron, Wor(l)d, and others exhibited impressive products such as blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, sleep trackers, and heart rate monitors. It’s clear after seeing these products that they bring great potential in the wellness and medical industries.

IoT and the SmartHome

The space allocated for connected devices at CES was vast and the products were many. Whirlpool in particular had an omnipresence throughout the event with their appliances. Other manufacturers like Lenovo, LG, and Simplehuman showcased products that utilize the power of voice in the home–whether it was to control your smart fridge or your smart trash can. It became clear that by the end of 2018, we’ll be interacting with more smart objects in our homes.

International Communities

Although some people go to CES to see what new technologies will impact their direct business, it’s always refreshing to learn about technologies both out of your technical vertical, as well as geolocational region. We were happy to see thousands of companies from around the world. France specifically had a huge presence, the second largest behind the United States. We enjoyed the opportunity to network with some of the most innovative minds in tech and are excited to see what other communities contribute in 2018.

Our Director of Business Development, Dean Andrews and President, Jason Petralia, enjoy the Google Voice booth at CES 2018

What did you see at CES? Is there emerging tech that you’d like to see incorporated into your company’s strategy? If so, get in touch.

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