Flywheel Launches Fly Anywhere Bike

woman riding a Flywheel Fly Anywhere bike watching class on an Apple TV

Over a year ago, Flywheel selected Raizlabs to help further a mission of bringing their epic, immersive in-studio experience into their riders’ homes. The challenge, how to bring a studio class, which is such a unique experience in of itself, into each individual riders’ personal space?

Initially, the Flywheel and Raizlabs engineering teams collaborated and focused on building an experience that streams Flywheel classes both live and on-demand to a custom Android tablet attached to the FLY Anywhere bike. The tablet overlays the rider’s personal metrics and the class leaderboard over an HD video stream to bring the competitive element of a studio class into the home. Once classes were streaming on the tablet, we worked with Flywheel and their team of engineers to further innovate and enhance the ride.

Every other week, our team sets apart a Hack Day to collaborate on solutions for our clients’ products. Flywheel approached us with an idea–to stream their high-quality content onto a rider’s home theatre system. Within days, the Flywheel and Raizlabs teams were able to build a proof-of-concept that brought the class experience to users’ home theatre via the iOS app and Apple TV. Using the Flywheel app on the iPhone, riders can connect their phone and FLY Anywhere bikes to their Apple TV and stream classes to their living room entertainment systems. Riders can bring their community of riders along to ride anywhere, find and schedule classes, and view and analyze their performance metrics. Each rider has access to a personal class with Flywheel’s best in class instructors and access to their top of the line content.

Today, Raizlabs is happy to announce that Flywheel’s iOS app and Fly Anywhere bike are now launched and available for public enjoyment. We can’t wait to see riders challenging themselves in their most comfortable environments–their home. We’ll see you in class!

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