Facebook’s Mobile @ Scale: Building Apps for the Human Condition

text over black-and-white image of people that says Software at Scale, is People At Scale

Founder and CEO Greg Raiz spoke at Facebook’s Mobile @ Scale conference and spoke to the audience about the challenges of building apps for the optimal user experience. Throughout his talk, Greg discusses how when building for target audiences, it’s crucial to understand human behavior. He makes the great point that unlike designers and developers who are using emerging technologies in their day-to-day lives, not all users have the technical aspirations we do for the apps that they’re using. That being said, designing and developing an experience that will capture their attention properly in a way that a user understands intuitively is key; Greg went on to share that Amazon has found that for every 100 milliseconds that pass using an app, the company loses 1% of it’s sale–which should be a real motivator for any team creating an app that expects to bring in a strong ROI. Legibility, accessibility, network connectivity, and usability are all factors that contribute to a successful mobile strategy. Learn more about how to approach building to scale for mobile with your team here:

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