Yes, We’re An Agency. But Not Like That.

black and white photo of a designer and developer working together

When was the last time you saw work produced by an agency? If you’re like most people, it was probably the last time you heard or saw an advertising or marketing campaign. Agencies are typically focused on one part of a larger equation, like ad design or distribution, and while specific agencies may be a good fit depending on your needs, Raizlabs operates differently. We treat the clients we work with as true partners and have an iterative style of collaboration that allows us to consult in a way that benefits a business’ revenue and results in successful products. As corny as it may seem, we come to work every day with the desire to improve lives through technology. Our process of bringing technology to life is all about the end user.

Our Focus is in User Experience and Usability

Speaking of revenue, in the end it’s the customer that drives it. Customer loyalty is increased by a favorable and intuitive user experience. However, creating such an experience isn’t top of mind for all agencies, especially those that focus on hitting budgets and timelines first and foremost. While the latter are of course crucial factors, our experience in design and development has taught us that creating a product that the end user will find useful, enjoyable, and use loyally, is most important.

We put a great amount of time into user research and prototyping which helps us intimately understand a client’s target audience and how they will interact with the product. This attention to the user holistically benefits our entire product process and catalyzes an effort that keeps the end user and their experience a priority.

Product is Prioritized over Features

With our understanding of the importance of user experience, we don’t only focus on a sole feature of a product. While some agencies may spend time promoting a specific aspect of a technology, we consider the overall experience. Often when features are siloed, aspects of the user experience are overlooked; looking at the big picture allows us to all-inclusively be considerate of end users.

We’re Vertical-Agnostic

While many agencies tend to specialize in one vertical or another, such as healthcare or cosmetics, our main focus is the overall user experience and technology behind it regardless of industry. We don’t limit the work we do with clients to one vertical or another. This would limit the type of innovations we are able to inspire in the work we do. Our mission is to improve lives through design and technology and that is our focus, no matter the vertical of the work.

We’re 100% Local

While some teams tend to outsource parts of their team, usually development, to other agencies that are offshore, we maintain 100% of our team onshore. This allows for a collaborative experience including the addition of our executive leadership team to strategize with and guide a client’s team closely. The comprehensive and open communication that comes with working with an onshore team also allows for an easier partnership between design and engineering teams. In the end this guarantees a more seamless user experience.

Back in 2003, our team began to grow and since then, we’ve been working to exude our values of excellence, impact, initiative, and teamwork each time we partner with a new client. If you’re interested in learning more about how our approach would apply to your team’s goals, get in touch!

Do you have a project in mind? We’d love to work with you. If you’d like an opportunity to work on projects with us, check out our Careers page. We’re hiring!