Virtual Reality: Through the Looking Glass

NYNT guest plays Long Shot VR game

Here at Raizlabs we’ve been experimenting with Virtual Reality (VR) for years. The technology has been on the horizon for years but never seems to “get there.” With just a pane of glass that’s positioned right in front of your face, the issue is that it feels novel, but not immersive. All that changed recently when we were able to go through the looking glass.

We were developing a virtual landscape that allowed you to explore your surroundings and wanted to make the experience immersive and visually stunning. Over time, we added details that made the experience more attractive, with visual effects to capture the sun, clouds and climate, and sounds to grab your attention.

Despite these additional details, the environment still felt shallow to us. We found that it wasn’t the visual elements, but the Virtual Reality experience itself that didn’t enable us to suspend disbelief. No matter how good we made it look, it didn’t feel like you were there.


A guest at Raizlabs’ NYNT 2017 becomes immersed in Long Shot, a VR game developed by Raizlabs.

A few months back that changed when we incorporated these hand controllers. The mechanics are crude and certainly not fully expressive, as they only permit a couple actions per hand, but we were able to break the plane. Our visual perception changed from watching a scene to being part of it. When you’re in an environment and can look down at your hands, your brain is able to interpret that experience as a reality. It was so surreal when we finally achieved making the user feel part of the experience.

Greg Raiz, CEO of Raizlabs, steps through the Looking Glass with Long Shot, a VR game created by Raizlabs developers.

We broke through the looking glass and are  taking people along for the ride.

At Raizlabs, we’re still exploring the bounds of technology, be it accessibility, Internet of Things (IoT) or Virtual Reality (VR), and how it can be applied to real-world problems. Our explorations into hand-controls are continuing into manipulation and interactions with physical objects.  As the technology progresses we expect the price point of these devices and the applicability of this technology to training, science, and entertainment to grow exponentially. Interested in working with us on Virtual Reality ? Get in touch, there’s plenty of room on the other side of the looking glass.

Do you have a project in mind? We’d love to work with you. If you’d like an opportunity to work on projects with us, check out our Careers page. We’re hiring!