How the Google Agency Program Benefits Us and Our Partners

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Back in May 2016, Google announced that Raizlabs was accepted as a Google Certified Agency. We were honored to be recognized as the first domestic agency to receive this distinction and we shed some light onto the requirements for certification:

  • Apps that won awards.
  • Apps that have been featured by Google.
  • Apps with 1 million + downloads.
  • Apps with 4.5 stars or higher.
  • Experience with Beacons, IoT, and more.
  • Nanodegree participation and involvement in the Android community.
  • And even more.

Sure, we checked off all of these boxes, and the certification acknowledges our expertise in Android, design, and mobile as a whole. But how is this certification “paying off” in the long run? Since members of the tech community may be wondering, here is how we’re reaping the benefits:

Access to the Team

Having access to Google’s team of engineers has been invaluable. While we love building technologies, it’s great to include another team in the mix and our Google Certification allows us to include Google’s engineers in our development process. When it came to the Six Flags build and custom mapping, for example, our team was able to partner with Google’s and share expertise to inform more intuitive solutions. As Greg, our CEO says, collaborating with the Google engineers helped ensure that we were building the right way.

Access to Events

Who doesn’t like a party? Just kidding, the Google Certification is not all about the event access. That said though, we do love to mix with other creative and innovative minds to see how we can improve lives, and the Google Agency Program gives us another avenue in which to do it.

Another Set of Eyes

The team access aspect isn’t limited to engineers. When we became Google Certified, we also were given the ability to partner with Google’s design team. When it comes to creating innovative products, it never hurts to have another set of eyes involved.

Added Sense of Trust

To put it simply, there is a lot in a name like Google. While we hope that our clients have the opportunity to view all of the work we’ve done in the past, we know that having Google’s name to support our reputation is invaluable. The certification status, as Ben, our Managing Director states, is another way to demonstrate how reputable we are. This may seem topical to some, but for us here at Raizlabs, we truly aim to partner with our clients; it’s easier to collaborate with a solid foundation of trust.

Google Certified AgencyIn the end, the Google Certification was worth every minute of filling out forms (yes, there is a lot of paperwork involved). “Often times,” Greg Raiz says, “the hard problems in software aren’t just the technology problems…but really getting at the heart of what people are trying to accomplish.” We’re happy to do what we can to delve into that “why” here at Raizlabs and the Google Agency Program is helping us accomplish that in many ways.

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