BlindWays AltConf Talk – ‘A User-Centered Approach to Solving Micronavigation for the Blind’

We are thrilled to celebrate the recent coverage that resulted from a talk about design and accessibility by Chris Hoogewerff, one of our Product Managers. For those who didn’t catch it live at AltConf 2016, the full presentation is now available for free, courtesy of Realm. AltConf is a community-driven event, assembled to serve developers and a product driven community.

Chris walks the audience through the story of the team’s approach to discovery and design for BlindWays, an app the Raizlabs team worked on with Perkins School for the Blind. BlindWays is an app to help the visually impaired community find and navigate to bus stops. In his talk, Chris discusses our team’s approach toward testing a hypothesis as well as the iterative design and development process utilized to bring BlindWays to life.

The ongoing focus was to ensure that the final product aligned with the needs of those who are blind or visually impaired. Raizlabs frequently conducts usability research and testing to validate assumptions. The results of which help establish a highly usable application for the target audience.

Since the talk at AltConf, BlindWays has shipped to the app store and has helped the visually impaired community in Boston with thousands of bus stops. For more details about the project and an interactive map outlining bus stops that are still in need of crowdsourced clues, visit the The Perkins School for the Blind site. 

The BlindWays project was an example of the Raizlabs team partnering early to not only design and develop an app with a known set of features, but also to engage in product discovery and usability research. We love doing this kind of work, as it tends to result in the most impactful experiences. Are you interested in working together on product strategy, accessibility or usability testing initiative? Fill out the Contact Form to let us know what awesome project we can team up on.

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