Have an iPhone? Improve a life with BlindWays

The Perkins School for the Blind, located along the Charles River in Watertown has an inspiring mission – to prepare children and young adults who are blind with the education, confidence and skills they need to realize their potential. Nothing excites the Raizlabs team more than being able to change the world with influential technology, so when the Perkins team presented an idea for revolutionizing travel for individuals who are visually impaired, we couldn’t get started fast enough.

Perkins BlindWays

BlindWays is a free, easy to use iOS app, which has successfully launched September 2016. Currently even with modern GPS, bus stops can be difficult to find for people who are blind, which makes it harder for them to get to school, work or social engagements. By downloading the app and submitting clues about what is around the bus stop, you can change the lives of others and largely impact their lives in the matter of seconds. It’s simple and fun to submit clues on your phone while you’re waiting for the bus, walking to school or commuting. BlindWays also has an up to date bus schedule with arrival times as well to help assist with your traveling.

To download BlindWays simply search ‘BlindWays’ in the Apple App Store. It’s free to download and free to use.  For more information check out this site with an interactive map highlighting stops that need clues. Thank you in advance for submitting clues and benefiting others in your community. There are 7500 bus stops in the metro Boston area, we need your help to cover them all. Enjoy your next Bus Ride!

Perkins BlindWays

Kelly Martin is the Client Success Manager at Raizlabs.

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