Raizlabs Acquires Greenfield Web Team

Raizlabs Acquires Greenfield

Just as mobile and web apps have become more integrated, so have web and mobile firms. Raizlabs leads the charge in building end-to-end solutions, not just apps, across mobile and web with the acquisition of Greenfield, LLC.

Raizlabs is excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Greenfield, a leading Boston-based web development agency. The Greenfield team has been collaborating with Raizlabs since late last year and with this announcement are now officially part of a unified Raizlabs team.

We’ve been working with Greenfield over the last few months on a number of projects and we felt that the partnership could be deepened through a strategic acquisition.

Raizlabs has been a leader in the mobile technology space and we wanted to match that depth with a more robust offering around both mobile web and server technology. Both Raizlabs and Greenfield believe in excellence in digital products and it was the mutual belief of both companies that a joint effort would give our customers better all-around solutions.

Raizlabs has grown quickly over the last few years, winning growth awards from both the Inc. 5000 and Boston Business Journal. Founder & CEO of Raizlabs, Gregory Raiz, had this to say: “Raizlabs started off as a web technology company but we shifted away when mobile started to get popular. I couldn’t be more excited to deepen our web expertise and get back to some of the roots of the company.”

Following on, co-founder of Greenfield, Mike Munroe, stated, “Greenfield specialized in collaborating with clients to build web applications and the supporting infrastructure to serve as a stable platform for future product growth. We are excited to bring that expertise into Raizlabs and the strength of the partnership should only enhance the delivery for our clients across both web and mobile.”

Existing clients of both companies can expect to have a greater pool of resources and capabilities. The joint team will have a greater depth in native mobile app development, web development, and design capabilities.

Members of the press can contact Raizlabs at hello@raizlabs.com.

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