Raizlabs Launches Startup Incubator

Mobile Development Firm’s First Incubation Program to Start Summer of 2015

February 2015
Boston, MA

Raizlabs today announced a new startup incubation program designed to accelerate the success of early stage mobile companies. The startup incubator will invest in companies looking to develop and launch new and innovative mobile applications. Startups selected to join the program will be hosted by Raizlabs at their new 16,000 square ft office in downtown Boston during the summer.

The Founder & CEO of Raizlabs, Gregory Raiz had this to say, “To be successful in the world of mobile, companies need a great product and a great design. It used to be very capital intensive to start a company and now increasingly company success is much more about building a great product, not fundraising.”

Unlike other startup accelerators and incubators, the Raizlabs incubation program will not focus on helping companies raise capital. The mobile incubation program at Raizlabs is entirely product and design focused. Startups that join the program will instead focus on technology, customer needs, and using the right tools to build and launch great mobile-focused companies.

The deadline for startups to apply is April 1.

Applications and additional information is available here:

About Raizlabs:
Raizlabs is a leading mobile design and development firm headquartered in Boston with a secondary office in San Francisco. The company’s vision is to shape the world through great software, with a focus on iPhone, iPad, and Android products. Raizlabs has built hundreds of apps across different verticals and platforms, with many of those applications winning awards.

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