Raizlabs, now with 2X the coasts

Raizlabs, founded and headquartered in the Boston area, is proud to announce its expansion to San Francisco, California.

Following its rapid growth in Boston, establishing a West Coast presence was a “no-brainer,” according to Greg Raiz, CEO and Founder of Raizlabs. When the idea sparked, Raiz knew exactly the person to lead Raizlabs in San Francisco — Justin Kaufman.

Kaufman was a familiar face to Raiz. He started as an intern at Raizlabs over five years before, spending several years in Raizlabs’ humble Coolidge Corner location before departing for California to join Apple as an accessibility software engineer.


It didn’t take long for Kaufman to miss Massachusetts.

Together, the two bays define much of the origin and future of software, with mobile devices playing an ever more critical role. The bi-coastal presence creates opportunities for Raizlabs to extend its reach and be a more prominent force in the constantly changing mobile space.

“Each region has its strengths and its flaws,” he said. “But as Sox and Giants fans both know, those are the ingredients of a great rivalry.”

“We’re constantly striving for innovation and growth,” Raiz said. “Whether that’s internally, by setting audacious goals and introducing a trust-based vacation policy, or externally, by architecting elegant, reliable software that we’d want to use, ourselves.”

“No matter where we are, we’re always exploring new ways to learn, keep humble, and stay hungry,” he said.

For the curious, Raizlabs’ monthly meetup DrinksOnTap, scheduled in both San Francisco and Boston, provides a glimpse inside the company.

The team has grown exponentially since its start in a coffee shop, a trend that continues today. Raizlabs is currently looking for more developers, quality assurance engineers, and designers in both locations.

“I enjoy learning people’s needs and identifying how technology can help,” Kaufman said. “Raizlabs is the perfect place to do it.”

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