AppBlade becomes independent company

Raizlabs is proud to announce AppBlade officially became an independent company earlier this week.

Raizlabs created AppBlade, a mobile device management platform, about three years ago as an internal tool. Its logo resembles a Swiss Army knife, for its innovative tools and abilities to help companies deploy and manage mobile devices in the most efficient way.


Former Raizlabs lead developer, James Daniels, will be leading AppBlade.

“AppBlade has changed considerably since those early days and I’m excited to be leading Raizlabs’ first spin-off,” Daniels said.

Raizlabs founder Gregory Raiz will not be bidding adieu to AppBlade completely, since he will be involved as a member of its board.

“I’m super excited about the mobile device management space and I believe AppBlade is well positioned to succeed here,” Raiz said. “Over the past several months it has grown to a feature set that we felt would succeed and grow faster as its own company.”

Daniels has begun to form his team, and said he expects AppBlade won’t be the last “skunkworks” project from the magicians on Milk Street.

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