Gong Worthy Goals

Gong Worthy Goal

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the past year and anticipate the upcoming year. Oftentimes, we create goals for the next year that are focused on personal accomplishments, lofty ambitions, or even small but attainable goals.

Common New Year’s resolutions include, “I want to exercise more,” or “I want to volunteer more,” and classics like “I want to read more.” There’s nothing wrong with these goals, but because they are very within reach they often create roadblocks preventing you from taking larger steps to create changes needed to achieve them.

For example, in order to “exercise more,” simply go to the gym a few more times. This small change could start today, tomorrow, or maybe next week. It’s so simple, it becomes easy to put off.

Consider larger goals, like running in three marathons, reading 100 books, or helping 1000 people. These have more depth, and are a bit harder to accomplish. In order to achieve these larger goals, you need to create larger life changes.

The purpose of a goal is to be a catalyst for greater change. The goal is the motivation for creating a meaningful change.

Earlier this year, we introduced a new idea for our 2014 planning: Gong Worthy Goals. Something large, impactful and difficult to attain. Something you can share publicly with everyone and something you would be proud to achieve. 

It has to be something worthy enough to bang our company gong.

The idea shares some similarities to “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” introduced in the book Built to Last as well as the idea of Moon Shots introduced by Google.

We’re still working on our Gong Worthy Goals, but we wanted to share some examples:

  • Win “Best Places to Work” in Boston
  • Achieve 1 billon dollars in value creation for our clients
  • More than quintuple our company revenue
  • Win an Apple Design Award
  • Make an app that’s top 10 in 100 countries
  • Open source a project that’s starred by one thousand developers
  • Make a recruiting video that’s seen by over 1 million people

So have a happy new year. Dream big and we hope you bang a gong.

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