Our Favorite Apps of 2013

Itunes Store Top List

As the end of 2013 inches closer and closer, it’s about that time to reflect on the year.

Apple released it’s “Best of 2013,” from songs to television shows to books and apps. We decided to take part and share what some of our favorite apps of 2013 were and why.

Christy Aumer (@christyiaumer)

LevelUp and TempoRun.

“As much as I love Pandora,” Aumer said. “It doesn’t always fit my running speed. TempoRun allows me to keep a pace and not fuss over the tunes.”

Stephen Barnes (@smbarne)

PinterestTumblrUp, and Foursquare for Android.

“Pinterest utilizes Android conventions while adding in gesture support throughout the app,” Barnes said. “Tumblr is one of the most lively apps on Android.  It utilizes delightful animations while preserving a definitive Android flavor.”

“Also, Up by Jawbone,” Barnes said. “It has great functionality — when it works.”

Michelle Chen (@mychien)


“This app, which had a wait list of over 300,000 when it first launched in Spring of 2013, is the best email management tool I’ve used,” Chen said. “It’s so easy to swipe left or right to delete the message, archive it, add it to a list or have the phone remind you to read it later.”

Chen added it makes checking email faster and more efficient, and the design is so mobile-specific.

“They didn’t try to fit a web app into a mobile device. They designed something that just works brilliantly with the mobile interface and its smaller screen size,” she said.

Andrew McKnight (@amcknight2718)

LevelUp and Chef’s Feed.

“Chef’s Feed is a great idea generator,” McKnight said, who has a culinary background. “I hate deciding what to make it, and by showing me the ingredients, or how it looks, I can translate it into a meal pretty easily.”

McKnight added that payment and financing apps saw lots of good things over the course of 2013.

“From LevelUp, Square Wallet, Square Cash, Key Ring and Level/Mint are all good solutions to shopping, financial tracking, money transfer and loyalty/rewards programs.”

Greg Raiz (@graiz)

Refresh, HeyDay, Tweetbot and Limbo.

“Refresh tells me information about people before I meet them,” Raiz said. “It’s wild.”

HeyDay is also an interesting, new antisocial network journal. But, one of my favorites has to be Limbo. It’s a “dark, cool puzzle game,” that can keep you intrigued for hours.

Connor Smith (@flghtofthcondor)

Fantastical, Rise, Simple, and Weatherline.

“Weatherline has a really clean interface and gives me all the information I need. From hourly, daily, monthly, temperatures as well as precipitation and sunrise,” Smith said.

“Plus, we all need another weather app,” he said with a smile.

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